About Me

Bio: Grew up in England. Educated at Kent, Oxford and UBC Universities. Married for 26 years. Three grown children. High School teacher of English and French for 20 years. Divorced. Masters in Counselling Psychology. Re-married. 13 years experience in Outpatient Psychiatry and Family Services. 12 years private practice.

My passion: Collaborating with YOU to remove obstacles which may impede  potential; reflecting back your best self so you may know and like yourself more fully; questioning diagnoses; endorsing the possibility of human becoming.

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Masters in Counselling Psychology, UBC
  • Dip. Ed. Oxford University, Magdalen College.
  • B.A. Hons in English and American Literature, University of Kent at Canterbury.


I am currently writing and preparing to give further talks on Existential Humanistic Psychotherapy (See Resources)

I am currently seeing patients through private practice in West Vancouver.

I worked as Family Therapist at the HOpe Centre, Lions Gate Hospital, Outpatient Psychiatry, (from 2005-2018) The Family Clinic won an award for excellent service to families in 2009.)

I worked with families, couples and individuals. I created and ran process groups and psycho-educational groups for people living with Bipolar.

The work of the Lions Gate Family Clinic was the focus of the documentary, “Family Matters: Surviving the Bipolar journey,” which aired on Knowledge network in 2011 and 2012.

I co-authored the Manual: “Family Self-Care and Recovery from Mental Illness”, published 2008 by MDA, British Columbia.

I was a member of the CREST BD Team at UBC. I was awarded a team grant (2010) for research on the Efficacy of the Recovery Narrative in the Treatment of BD. and worked with Dr. Erin Michalak , UBC.

I participated in a Roundtable discussion in Ottawa (2009) seeking improved services for families, and for people with lived experience of mental illness.

I am an advocate for those who find themselves without a voice.

I advocate for greater choice in treatment and wariness regarding psychiatric diagnoses.

Rosalind Irving
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Rosalind has been running her private practice since 2006. She is a registered member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors.


  • I was first introduced to Rosalind Irving through the Mental Health Association at the Hope Centre at Lions Gate Hospital. I was going through a very emotional time in my life due to having a number of close family members who Have mental health issues, and my own health was suffering because of my involvement. During our first visit I felt that we "clicked" immediately as Rosalind let me "get out" my feelings and my history. She then set a direction that would lead me to better emotional and mental health. Rosalind was compassionate and had an incredible wealth of knowledge of all of my issues. I am still working on some extreme family issues and I continue to meet with Rosalind as I feel her thoughtful direction has led me along a path to better health and wellbeing.
  • Rosalind.......Trying to limit the words that convey the fact that you literally saved my life on more than one occasion, my gratitude for all you have done for me, and my recognition of the essential and important role you have played in my life is beyond difficult! I could write a book of superlatives about you! I thank you silently every day and I shudder to think of where I would be if not for you. My eternal gratitude always. Martha
  • I met Rosalind during a very low period of my life. She helped me with my own issues and with my daughters as a family therapist. Rosalind is caring, knowledgeable and above all very helpful. When medical systems puts stumbling blocks on your way and other centers pass you to one another without any efforts to help, Rosalind goes out of her way to help and shows you options to achieve your personal goals faster. I highly recommend Rosalind professional expertise to whoever needs individual or family therapy. Fara
  • I am grateful every day for having received the tremendous life-changing and healing gift of Rosalind and her wise knowledgeable counsel, her gifted expertise as a therapist and teacher, her dedicated and caring understanding of my unique needs and issues, and her steadfast commitment to the challenge of helping me grow and heal the past while simultaneously guiding me towards embracing a healthier, happier, and more peaceful future. Martha
  • In my capacity as Clinical Director of the Adult Community Mental Health Services on the North Shore, it has been a pleasure to work closely with Rosalind Irving in her capacity as both an individual psychotherapist and a family therapist. Rosalind Irving came from a rich and varied program of therapy. She works with individuals, couples, families and groups. Her approach is humanistic and eclectic with an emphasis on short term dynamic psychotherapy practices. I highly recommend her as a well rounded, experienced and empathic psychotherapist.
    Paul Termansen, MD FRCP(C), Clinical Director
  • Rosalind has been an enormous help to me over the past few years, in dealing with a family member who has a serious mental illness. I have felt the benefit of her empathy and compassion, combined with her laser-like insights. I always leave a session with Rosalind, feeling that I am empowered to move ahead with the challenges I face.
    Lee, Client
  • Donna, Client
  • Jeremiah, Client
  • Karen, Client