Recommended Books
  • “The Brain That Can Change Itself” by Norman Doidge, M.D.
  • “The Brain’s Way of Healing” by Norman Doidge
  • “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Victor Frankl
  • “Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway” by Susan Jeffers
  • “Free To Fly” by Jean Bisley
  • “Co-dependent No More” by Melanie Beattie
  • “At The Existentialist Cafe” by Sarah Bakewell
  • “Grow Younger, Live Longer” by Deeprak Chopra
  • “The Buddha and the Borderline” by Kiera Van Gelder
  • “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown
  • “Healthy Aging” by Andrew Weil
  • “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes” by William Bridges
  • “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff
  • “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” by Robert Sapolsky
  • “The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism” by Andrew Harvey
  • “The Gift of Therapy” by Irvin Yalom
  • “When Nietzsche Wept” by Irvin Yalom
  • “Stop Walking on Eggshells” by Paul Mason and Randi Kreger